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Which are the Best Cellulite Creams?

Get Rid of that NASTY Cellulite

Cellulite is subcutaneous fat below the surface of the skin. Cellulite drastically affects the mid age and older female population. It is estimated that 82% of the people that have cellulite are women. It is very rare to see this in men. Although rare, it can happen in males who tend to lack androgen states in their body. In general, cellulite has many causes. It is many times dependent on genetics, metabolism, fat placement within the body, and levels of hormones. According to a Harvard Medical Study of 2009, cellulite may also be caused by an increase in stress in daily life. Cellulite can be tough to handle, but it is possible with three factors: exercise, a healthy diet, and using the best cellulite creams.  Although the cellulite might not disappear fully, it can be greatly reduced and can have a positive impact on appearance.

First and foremost, exercise is a key factor in reducing cellulite. This type of fat is often observed in people who are overweight or obese. Exercise helps the body burn fat and tone muscle underneath the skin. This may make the small pockets observed on the skin smaller. It is a common misconception you only have to target the affected area to reduce cellulite. Sadly, this is not true. The true way to reduce subcutaneous fat is through pure cardiovascular exercise. This can include swimming, biking, and running. This allows the body to utilize fat for energy, thus reducing

the size of fat cells within the body. This can drastically decrease the amount of cellulite seen on the body. Doing cardiovascular exercise three times a week for at least three months is a good way to see immediate mirror changes.

In addition to exercise, diet plays a tremendous role in the elimination of cellulite. A lot of people consume fatty foods that increase cholesterol and triglycerides in the body. Because cellulite is basically fat stored under skin, it is wise to eliminate bad fats in a healthy diet. These “bad” fats include saturated fats and trans fats. These promote the storage of fat cells in the body. Another important point to remember is when your body makes a fat cell, it cannot be eliminated. Fat cells shrink in size, but do not completely disappear. If a diet is too high in fats, over time weight gain could make the cellulite look worse. A healthy diet can reduce the size of fat cells and make the person appear more toned and natural.

29 Jul 2014
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